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2018 Origins Film Festival Official Selections

A Bolt from the Blue
Fantasy Short – 9:46 – Canada
Saturday, June 16th – 2:00pm

When a summons crash-lands on their ship, Yorick (a clever and inventive skull) and his unusual crew leap, roll and spin into action to help a visitor from afar return to afar. Quirky off-centre animated humor on a non-budget from one-person Seat of the Pants Film Lab (aka Deb Ethier). Find out if there really is a flag on the moon!

Alien Anthropologists
Sci-Fi Short – 25:22 – Canada
Friday, June 15th – 3:00pm

Alien Supervisor and his protégé Zeno, are scientist from another world. Sent to earth to observe the imminent self-destruction of humanity, they are assigned to the center of evil on the planet, Washington D.C. Zeno’s assignment is to observe a “rare anomaly – an honest politician – Jack Wilson” – newly elected to the Senate.

Sci-Fi Short – 6:35 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 8:30pm

Dylan, a timid hacker, is rescued from the zombie-infested city of Arco, but soon learns that the people he works for may not be who he thinks they are.

Buy or Beware
Fantasy Short – 9:43 – Canada
(Exhibition Only)

Friday, June 15th – 9:30pm

Sofie and Dennis need an affordable place to live that will allow their two dogs, and are forced to consider one inhabited by an unwanted guest.

Corporation: Earth
Sci-Fi Short – 14:59 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 3:00pm

Gabriel a brave spy for hire gets involved in a mission where a freaky accident send him to a dystopian future where a group of rebels is trying to liberate the earth from the corporation that now owns it.

Enthusiasm Abounds
Sci-Fi Short – 13:00 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 8:30pm

In a world where social justice is automatic…and absolute… Enthusiasm Abounds.

Game Jam: The Movie
Gaming Feature – 55:00 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 7:30pm

Over 60 indie developers competed in an intense 48 hour competition to create a complete game from scratch. The film follows their progress from the concept stage to completion and joins the winners in their prize trip to IndieCade where they pitched their final product. This new and independent documentary is a must see film for anyone interested in games and game development.

Gonna Roll Them Bones
Fantasy Short – 8:57 – Canada
Saturday, June 16th – 2:00pm

A gaming session in a Misty Never Place has humorous repercussions for the unusual captain and crew of a unique ship. A short film from the one-person Seat of the Pants Film Lab (aka Deb Ethier).


Sci-Fi Short – 21:05 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 3:00pm

Jasper, a young, lovelorn inventor, strives to create a time machine in order to win back his ex-girlfriend. In the process, he meets Claire, a clever engineering student who takes interest in his work. When the machine fails and Jasper is out of ideas, he joins forces with Claire, who might just give him the chance he needs to invent time travel and fix his failed relationship.

Of Dice and Men
Gaming Feature – 1:15:00 – USA
(Exhibition Only)

Thursday, June 14th – 9:30pm

The lives of six roleplaying gamer friends are thrown into upheaval when one of them enlists to go to Iraq. A geek movie without the self-loathing.

Real Artists
Sci-Fi Short – 12:00 – USA

Saturday, June 16th – 8:30pm

Against all odds, Sophia Baker just scored her dream interview at the world-famous Semaphore Animation Studios — who’d have thought a fan edit of one of their hit films could land her a shot at a job? But when she meets arch, mysterious executive Anne Palladon, she soon learns all is not as she expects behind the curtain. Every instinct Sophia has ever had about art in filmmaking is about to be challenged.

Gaming Short – 11:36 – France
Thursday, June 14th – 7:30pm

Jean-marc is a police officer in Paris. He has to investigate about a mysterious death linked to a man self called “the hypnotist” that encourages his victims to commit suicide through an online poker game.

Strowlers: Pilot

Fantasy Feature – 40:00 – USA
Saturday, June 15th – 7:30pm

In a world where magic is real and regulated by the government, everyone with talent must either register or run. Two women are caught on opposite sides of the conflict.

Super Amazing Man vs Doctor Evil
Fantasy Short – 7:38 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 2:00pm

A classic superhero story about a superhero and his two sidekicks who work together to defeat Doctor Evil, and evil villain. Written by Ella Kirwan, grade 9.

The Gamers: The Shadow Menace

Gaming Feature – 51:00 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 9:30pm

The latest entry in the long-running independent franchise The Gamers brings back the characters from the original 2002 film that started it all. This time new players take control for lots of classic tabletop gaming action, with a real-world heist twist.


Gaming Feature – 1:23:00 – USA
Thursday, June 14th – 7:30pm

A group of unlikely friends gather for an epic tournament battle only to have a beautiful outsider to turn everything upside down.

Akemi and Tarou
Fantasy Short – 3:59 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 2:00pm

Inspired by the Japanese tales of the kitsune, Akemi and Tarou follows the antics of a dog, Tarou, chasing a fox, Akemi, only for the fox to suddenly disappear. Magical hijinks ensue, leading to a run in with a giant water monster, the Umibouzu. Will Tarou end up catching his prize, or will he find something even better?

Analog Gaming
Gaming Feature – 1:00:00 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 4:30pm

Analog Gaming is a documentary that interviews board game insiders like Jeff Tidball, a 20-year-old veteran from Atlas Games; Patrick Leder, an up and coming innovator from Leder Games; Lance “Undead Viking” Myxter, an online vlogger; and many more. The film discusses the renaissance of the table top industry, asking why now, and where is analog gaming going in the future.

Basic Adventuring 101: Die Loud or Die Permanently
Gaming Short – 11:15 – USA
Thursday, June 14th – 9:30pm

Karen is new to the LARP world and unsure how she is going to fit in when she joins her older sister’s overly enthusiastic adventuring group. Things seem to be going well until one attempt leads to some unexpected trouble with an old woman and a mysterious box. She’ll have to learn how to be an adventurer as she and the rest of the team have to inevitably save the world.

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
Sci-Fi Short – 13:10 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 9:30pm

“Chateau Sauvignon: terroir” follows Nicolas, the isolated adolescent son of a ruined vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his boorish father and saving his ailing mother. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive for a wine tasting Nicolas sees an opportunity to help his mother and prove his worth to his father. Yet, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse putting his family’s secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed.

Fight Like a Girl
Gaming Short – 13:00 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 7:30pm

In this short documentary, Victoria “VikkiKitty” Perez, Priscilla “Port” Sortino, and Taylor “Xaltis” Rose, three South Florida women, push through the male dominated competitive video gaming scene. Their efforts throughout the 2016 season breaks through the stigmas designed to hold them back and demonstrates to other girls that they should also dare to compete. Fight Like a Girl is a celebration of women in competitive video gaming and an evaluation of the problems they face.

I Put My Low Stat
Gaming Short – 5:17 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 2:00pm

I Put My Low Stat is a live action music video for the song of the same name which appeared on Mary Crowell’s Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories (2012). It tells the sad and hilarious tale of what happens to characters in a D&D 3.5 campaign once they have assigned a low dice roll number to one of their ability scores.

Gaming Feature – 1:06:00 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 9:30pm

When a popular video game streamer plays a haunted game, he faces deadly consequences for himself and his fans.Every day, over 200 loving fans watch Scott Atkinson play horror games online. After a lifetime of failures and false starts, streaming games is the only thing he’s good at. It’s the thing he loves the most. Until it becomes a nightmare.

Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys
Sci-Fi Feature – 1:10:00 – USA
(Exhibition Only)
Thursday, June 14th – 4:30pm

Through interviews with former Kenner employees, experts and authors like Stephen Sansweet and Gus Lopez, and of course collectors, Plastic Galaxy looks at Star Wars toys’ history, their influence, and the fond and fervent feelings they elicit today.

Sci-Fi Short – 3:54 – Germany
Friday, June 15th – 9:30pm

Dawns, a baby breaks silence (Amanece. Un bebé rompe el silencio.)

Space 1889: The Secret of Phobos

Gaming Feature – 2:33:00 – Germany
Saturday, June 16th – 3:00pm

The official film set in Frank Chadwicks roleplaying universe Space 1889 by Clockwork Publishing who revived the game in 2013.

Fantasy Short – 4:37 – Canada
Saturday, June 16th – 2:00pm

Substratae provides a glimpse of mythical lives glowing under the earth’s surface, beneath the eternal flux, with energies hidden deep within the earth. There is mystery in the animation, and a sense of the otherworldly tempered with a dash of humour. A colourful array of characters interacts with metaphorical electronic components to present vignettes of activity and emotion in a rugged terrain.

The Boogeys
Sci-Fi Short – 15:00 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 8:30pm

On a future Earth transformed into a planetary ghetto by alien overlords, Dawkins, a cop-turned-pickpocket, tracks down a missing child about to be sold to the ‘Boogeys.’ The encounter will determine the child’s fate and his redemption.

The Luchador
Sci-Fi Short – 9:51 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 3:00pm

Mike Hernandez is framed for murder by a mysterios, masked luchador.

Tiny Epic Zombies
Gaming Short – 1:12 – USA
Friday, June 15th – 4:30pm

Classic meeples reinvented as ITEMeeples fend off a Zombie horde in this 3D animation for the board game Tiny Epic Zombies!

Fantasy Short – 3:50 – USA
Saturday, June 16th – 2:00pm

While playing a game, a bored sister attempts to convince her brother to put up “real stakes:” their treasured, yummy candy!