Origins Film Festival: » FAQ

Where and when does the festival take place?

OFF is presented as part of the Origins Game Fair, which runs October 7-11, 2020 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. The festival will run Thursday, Friday and Saturday October 8-10, 2020.

Where can I stay while attending the Origins Film Festival?

OFF unfortunately cannot sponsor lodging for filmmakers. The Columbus area offers a variety of great hotels for every attendee’s budget.
For more information on hotels in the area and convention pricing, visit

If my film is accepted, when will it screen?

The screening schedule will be determined and published by August 9, 2020. If at all possible, the schedule will be sent to filmmakers even earlier if time allows.

Do you need a ticket to attend a screening?

No special tickets are required for any screenings. However, you must have an Origins Game Fair badge to gain admission.

If accepted, how many badges do I receive for the Origins Game Fair?

All accepted films will be granted two 5 Day full-access badges for the Origins Game Fair.

How do I obtain additional badges for the Origins Game Fair?

You can register for additional badges on the Origins Game Fair website at:

Do you accept animated films or documentaries?

Yes! We accept any genre as long as it is related to gaming, sci-fi or fantasy.

Do you accept works in progress?


What if my film is between 31 and 59 minutes long?

You may submit your film in the feature category, but there is much less chance of it being selected due to programming concerns.

Are fee waivers available?


Can I submit a hard copy of my film for consideration or screening?

No. Only digital copies will be accepted.

When will awards be announced?

Awards will be announced on Saturday, October 10th at TBD time in the screening room.

Can I offer products for sale at my screening?

Yes. You may offer professionally presented products, including t-shirts, merchandise and DVDs. All products are subject to approval by the festival directors, who may deny you the ability to sell your products based on content, vulgarity, presentation – or for any reason.

How will the Origins Film Festival Showcase vendor table work?

When you arrive at Origins and pick up your badge(s), your first order of business will be to check in with the festival directors at the
showcase table in the vendor hall. You will provide them with up to 10 of any ONE item (i.e., 10 DVDs, 10 t-shirts, etc.) along with a one page “sell sheet” that describes the product, its price and the EXACT quantity you are dropping off. Prices should be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

You are welcome to periodically visit the showcase table during the convention to see if stock needs replenished, but no more than 10 of your item will be stocked at any time.

In addition, you may give us a small amount of flyers, postcards or business cards to distribute at the table.

While the Directors are offering this as a promotional service to you, the filmmakers, WE WILL NOT AND CANNOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR THEFT OF YOUR PRODUCTS AT THE SHOWCASE TABLE.

Payment for your items will only be accepted in cash at the showcase table.

Participating filmmakers MUST check in at the showcase table by 5:30pm Saturday, October 10th to pick up their remaining items and sales payout. Origins Film Festival does not take any commission from your product sales.

Who are the Festival Directors?

The Festival Directors are filmmakers Seth C. Polansky and Kelley Slagle of Cavegirl Productions.