Origins Film Festival: » 2022 Official Selections

Ceti Alpha No. 5
Sci-Fi Short – 2:04 – USA
Saturday. June 11th – 9:00PM

Introducing a new fragrance from The House of Khan: Ceti Alpha No. 5.

Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons
Feature Documentary
1:31:00 – USA

Saturday, June 11th – 1:00pm

An exciting documentary that explores the history, influence, and stories behind the artwork that helps create the worlds in which we all play. The movie profiles D&D artists – both past and present – and also features former TSR insiders, game designers, authors, and fans.

I’ll Follow You
Fantasy Short – 15:00 – USA
Friday, June 10th – 7:00PM

Captured by human traders, village Princess Ligaya is determined to break free from her captors and return home. Fear breaks out surrounding the uncertainty of Ligaya’s whereabouts; Gabriel is determined to find his wife and bring her home safely.

Sci-Fi Short – 3:27 – Germany
Saturday, June 11th – 4:00PM

Long after mankind left Earth, two astronauts are rediscovering their ruins and reflecting on their own fate with those who abandoned it. A visual poem.

Comedy Feature – 1:13:00 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 9:00PM

Inspired by all your favorite 1950s B-movies, Inhumanwich! is a feature-length sci-fi horror comedy from the makers of cult TV favorites Friday Night Fu and Frank Zito’s Night of Frights. When all-American astronaut Joe Neumann mutates into an unstoppable blob of meat, it’s up to a team of devoted scientists and hard-nosed soldiers to stop the creature before it devours the planet. Yes, really.

MeTube: August sings ‘Una furtiva lagrima’
Sci-Fi Short – 8:00 – Austria
Friday, June 10th – 9:00PM

The third part of the internationally award-winning MeTube short film series. This time the intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and orchestrate their final adventure in an opulent manner.

Must Love Board Games
Gaming Short – 29:47 – USA
Friday, June 10th – 3:30PM

When Quinn meets David she has to decide if he is a worthy suitor according to the rules of dating and tabletop gaming. As the weekly game nights go on, the couple adventures through some of the most popular board games in the world and discovers the true meaning of romance.

Sci-Fi Short – 14:15 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 7:00PM

In order to save their marriage after a heavy loss, Duncan and Maria embark upon an inner and outer journey with the help and counsel of therapist Wallace Cummings to rediscover meaning and passion and give each other permission to heal.

Real Artists
Sci-Fi Short – 11:44 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 5:00PM

Against all odds, Sophia Baker just scored her dream interview at the world-famous Semaphore Animation Studios — who’d have thought a fan edit of one of their hit films could land her a shot at a job? But when she meets arch, mysterious executive Anne Palladon, she soon learns all is not as she expects behind the curtain. Every instinct Sophia has ever had about art in filmmaking is about to be challenged.

The Amber Thief
Sci-Fi Short – 7:34 – USA
Friday, June 10th – 7:00PM

A short stop-motion animation film and poem that reimagines the predator-prey relationship between a spider and a fly.

The Isaacs Chronicles: Checkmate
Short Film – 6:39 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 7:00PM

Detective John Isaacs is trapped in a game of wits, while on the hunt for a serial killer known as “The Carver”.

Sci-Fi Short – 25:25 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 4:00PM

A woman struggling to survive alone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland discovers a virtual-reality machine and escapes from her loneliness into a scenic virtual world. When she falls in love with a man inside this virtual world, she must choose between her love and her life in this romantic science fiction short film.

Sci-Fi Short – 9:43 – Spain
Friday, June 10th – 7:00pm

A modern adaptation of the Arthurian myth of the Grail. Perceval Gallois attends a meeting where Gawain Hawk introduces him to a plan to save Arthur’s life. This leads him into an extreme and fantastic trip to endure G-forces, transcend the limits of human knowledge and discover the secret of the Grail.

Identity Check
Sci-Fi Short – 17:46 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 7:00PM

After two decades of controlling the world’s Virtual Reality market, MDI and its founder, Douglas McKinney, are in complete financial ruin. His toughest rival, multi-billionaire Blake Harper, founder of HarperSoft, is making a quick stop to buy what is left of MDI on his way to Tokyo for a five-day trade summit/mini-vacation. It has also been agreed that during their brief meeting, Harper will be buying one other thing: namely, McKinney’s entire identity as a human being.

Infinite Santa 8000: The Director’s Cut
Animated Feature
1:37:31 – USA
Friday, June 10th – 9:00PM

In the year 8000, a cyborg Santa Claus must kill mutants and robo-people, in a vast, post-apocalyptic wasteland, to save the Christmas spirit.

Killing Time
Sci-Fi Short – 15:20 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 7:00PM

When a woman attracts the attention of a mysterious figure who slips inside her isolated home and lies in wait, she must confront her past in this horror/sci-fi short film with a twist.

Mirror Man
Fantasy Short – 14:45 – USA
Friday, June 10th – 7:00PM

A Native police officer, who is doubting her traditional faith, is called to a possible burglary but is met by a supernatural entity that leads her to a buried secret.

Penguins in Space
Animated Short – 4:40 – USA
Friday, June 10th – 1:00PM

Our little blue penguins uncover a spaceship and find trouble across the galaxy.

Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys
Feature Documentary
1:10:00 – USA

Friday, June 10th – 1:00PM

PLASTIC GALAXY explores the groundbreaking world of Star Wars toys. Through interviews with former Kenner employees, toy experts, and collectors, it looks at the toys’ history, their influence, and the feelings they elicit today.

Sci-Fi Short – 25:20 – Finland
Saturday, June 11th – 4:30PM

This place has no memory of us. The bedrock here is only familiar with changing glaciers, wind, and the passing of time. The sediments here have no traces of humanity. No traces of tragedy. Here, the night sky is different.

The Forgotten
Fantasy Short – 13:44 – USA
Friday, June 10th – 7:00PM

Three knights on a long journey home stumble upon an ancient evil they thought to be eradicated long ago. Trapped, they must fight their way out of the forest or face a fate worse than death.

The Greater Evil
Sci-Fi Short – 7:51 – USA
Saturday, June 11th – 7:00PM

Lilith Delaney has snagged a plum assignment with the campaign team of Victor Balch, a brash but popular candidate for the Presidency. Though initially seeing it as just another job, Lilith gradually falls under the candidate’s spell… until she catches a glimpse of his horrific true nature.

The Next Great American Game
Feature Documentary
1:22:00 – USA

Friday, June 10th – 4:00PM

From crowded convention halls to backrooms of Toy Fairs, Randall Hoyt enthusiastically pitches his game Turnpike to publishers with increasingly discouraging results. The film takes a deeply personal tone as Randall candidly discusses his struggles with being bi-polar and the intersections of mania and creativity. Inspired by his time in rehab and group therapy, he designs Talk/Listen, to foster communication and collaboration. It might just be THE NEXT GREAT AMERICAN GAME.