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2017 Origins Film Festival Judges


Sean Eustis

Sean holds a B.A. in Theatre and has a healthy respect for all the visible and invisible aspects of acting, directing, and technical work along with a dramaturgical appreciation for all genres of film. He has also been an RPG player since Xmas of 1978 (when he received D&D Blue Box) and can be found Game Mastering for The Amazing Institute while at Origins.


Ashley Lynch

Ashley Lynch is an experienced post-production professional in Burnaby, BC and the owner of Gingerbreadgirl Post. Specializing in genre editing, colour grading and theatrical trailer campaigns, her work has been seen on Telus Optik, Discovery Channel and A&E as well as scores of film festivals around the world.
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Victoria Angell

Victoria Angell is a writer and director out of Vancouver, BC, specializing in low budget productions of horror and sci-fi.  Her previous shorts include sci-fi comedies “Quintipus” and “Spaced”, and recently released horror short film “Summoned”. She also produces genre projects, primarily with other female filmmakers in BC. (Although she’s happy to work with male filmmakers, as long as a spaceship or monster is involved).

In her spare, time she dresses as comic book heroes and creates chaos at sci-fi/fantasy conventions across the US and Canada.