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2018 Origins Film Festival Judges


Sean Eustis

Sean holds a B.A. in Theatre and has a healthy respect for all the visible and invisible aspects of acting, directing, and technical work along with a dramaturgical appreciation for all genres of film. He has also been an RPG player since Xmas of 1978 (when he received D&D Blue Box) and can be found Game Mastering for The Amazing Institute while at Origins.


Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is a creative partner at Romeo’s Foe Studios and has been writing and directing for the stage and screen for the past 25 years. He is currently in post production on seasons 3 and 4 of his company’s Gamer Chick web series, and has a couple short films written and scheduled for later this year.
Profile image Justin

Justin Choe

Justin grew up in musical theater and worked overseas in the music industry Korea and Japan. He is also responsible for mixing and optimizing all of those annoying ringtones and downloadable music in the early days of Smart Phones and mobile downloads. He has since moved back to the states and spends his time spearheading fundraisers for charity and managing music tours. Once in a while you’ll see him cameo as a character in anime movies or help put together music and film festivals. Since 2017 he has transitioned into the world of producing films in Los Angeles.


Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a creative partner at Romeo’s Foe Studios. She samples almost all aspects of filmmaking. In the past year, she has been an actor, producer, writer, set dresser, wardrobe assistant, and PA (among other things). She’s a mom and a nerd and always plays a rogue. She is currently in post production, pre production, and is always days away from being in actual production.